Welcome to Microsoft User Research

Microsoft product teams want to understand our customer needs.
The goal is to unlock the power of user feedback to create products that delight our customers.
We conduct year-round research at Microsoft to better understand your needs and the way you use our products.

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Why we are doing this?

Your feedback is important to us. As we develop new software and services, it’s critical that we get feedback from customers who use our products.

Hearing from you early in the development cycle helps us make changes to our products and test them before release.

Early customer interactions ensure we hit the mark with features. The time you spend with us today can improve our products for users around the world.

What to expect

We want to talk to you! We are taking calls individually to hear what you have to say.

You are currently in the call queue.

You have a few options (on the left) for joining the call, including scheduling a different time, or joining now via Skype or phone.

Each call is expected to last 5-10 minutes, but may be longer if there is more to discuss. We are not recording or storing the content of this call.

You may be asked about your experiences with existing products or for your reaction to new designs. Notes about your experiences may be taken by Microsoft.

We respect your privacy

Your call today is with an engineering team at Microsoft.

This is an anonymous call.

We will not ask for, and request you do not provide any personal data during this call (name, birthdate, phone number, social security number, etc.).

At the end of your call, you may be directed to a Microsoft website to join this product team’s customer research panel. This is optional.

If you decide to join, the product team may reach out to you to get your feedback.

Manage Your Feedback Settings

You control whether you want to participate in providing feedback, at the frequency you are most comfortable. You received this discussion invitation today because of your settings.

To check or change your settings:

  1. Go to Start, then select Settings > Privacy > Diagnostics & feedback.
  2. Under Feedback frequency, select the option you prefer.